Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant


Generating capacity – 100 MW

Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant is of the largest power assets in the Southern Federal District of Russia. The generating capacity of the plant reaches 100 MW, while its heat capacity reaches 100 Gcal/h.

87% of the heat energy is delivered to the population, another 13% is delivered to the state-financed organizations. Electrical energy produced goes to the wholesale electricity and capacity market.

A huge two-stage investment project “Reconstruction and expanding of Shakhty GTPP” has been successfully accomplished at the plant. The project main goal of increasing the plant capacity has been achieved.

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1a Energeticheskaya st.,
Shakhty, Rostov Region, Russia, 346521

  • 1925

    It is decided by the Russian State Committee on Electrification to start construction of an electric power plant in the South of Russia with the aim of intensifying the existing energy supply sources of the region.

  • 1929

    Launch of Shakhty State Regional Power Plant (SRPP) - the first anthracite culm fuel power station in Northern Caucasus and the second one in the USSR (along with Shterovskaya SRPP)

  • 1948

    Completion of total reconstruction of Shakhty SRPP, which was of primary importance for early postwar recovery and economic development of North Caucasus region.

  • 1990

    Due to economic and physical deprecation the enterprise starts operating as a boiler house. With no funds allocated, Shakhty SRPP discontinues sustained delivery of heat to the consumers.

  • 2006

    Megapolis Group holding company becomes the enterprise investor. Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant is established on the basis of Shakhty Heating and Power Plant.

  • 2012

    The second stage of reconstruction is completed. The plant power capacity reaches 100 MW, the heat capacity reaches 100 Gcal/h.