About Megapolis Group

About Megapolis Group


Megapolis Group, an expanding and diversified business with a dynamically growing portfolio, has been successfully operating in the market since 1993. In the twenty years since, the fuel line of activity has proven its profitability and served as a Megapolis launching pad for business diversification and realization of new business ideas.

Underlying the Group’s impressive success story and high market position are its top management’s commitment, vision, core competences and superior leadership skills combined with an understanding of prevailing market trends and conditions, as well as the unique synergies of the various companies within the Group. To strengthen its competitiveness, Megapolis focuses on advantages of leading edge technologies, modern equipment, and experiences and professional skills of its employees and consultants. It is this strategic management that allows the Group to grow internally and through additional acquisitions and partnerships. The Russia’s business elite and foreign partners of Megapolis rate highly the results achieved by the Group.

Now Megapolis is a group of companies engaged in businesses as diversified as fuel and energy, light industry, property development and leisure. The long-term success and development of the various businesses, along with the reliable and credible principles and guidelines honored by the management team, was able to build a renowned name for Megapolis. This name recognition helps in expanding a reputable portfolio consisting of agencies for a wide range of leading Russian and foreign brands.

Operated in a responsible and ethical manner, all member companies of the Group participate in charity and social assistance programs.

Director Konstantin Kuzin

General Director of the Megapolis Group company

Investment policy

Megapolis Group has successfully completed a number of large-scale projects in various sectors of Russian economy. Sustained work of the Group’s enterprises, a good corporate reputation of Megapolis and the efficient management structure ensure the Group’s leadership position. This allows the Group to keep moving, generate and develop new business ideas. A creative approach and solid experience coupled with leadership ambitions enable Megapolis managerial team to offer to prospective investors attractive business opportunities, thus contributing to an increase in the Group’s scope of possibilities and capitalization.

Principles of corporate governance in Megapolis Group are geared toward making and strengthening reliable and dependable relations with the investors community. Having proved itself as a reliable partner with good prospects, Megapolis continues to prove that an honorable reputation is the key factor in attracting customers, partners and investors. The Group’s financial stability, successfully completed projects and an openness to dialog allow Megapolis to involve the world’s brands in large-scale investment partnerships.

Goals and prospects

Megapolis Group focuses on further progress of commercial and mixed-use development, expansion of business activities and on maintaining and improving profitability and capital efficiency.