The production of «DM Textiles» was among the "100 best products of Russia» 26 December 2018

Terry and wafer products of our production became owners of several Federal awards in 2018.

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To participate in the prestigious competition were declared 8 products "DM textile". From the picturesque collection of Regina Vittoria brand Cleanelly Collection were selected waffle robes for men and women, men's Bathrobe, Terry sheet and bath towel.

This 2018 collection features a design with exquisite motifs of natural forms, expressive shades of natural minerals from refined yarn Long Twist. Exclusive men's Smeraldo robe of premium brand Cleanelly Perfetto has a relief structure of Terry cloth with velour effect. Towel Valatta from Cleanelly is an interesting plot and a bamboo yarn with increased strength. Designed monochrome towel Martellato from brand Cleanelly is decorated with an unusual floral pattern with suede effect.

All products-participants won the nomination of the contest «New». Towels and sheet became laureates, and bathrobe became diploma winner of the competition the «100 best products of Russia».

The production of «DM Textile» is worthy of the title of one of the best: high production technologies, environmentally friendly raw materials, exclusive design, the recognition of experts and buyers are proof of that.