In TPK DM Textile held a conference with key partners 26 August 2019

Twenty largest wholesale partners of the company were invited to the production site of TPK DM Textile in Donetsk, Rostov Region.

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During the tour of the workshops of the Donetsk Manufactory, the guests got acquainted with interest with the results of the ongoing investment program in 2019 to increase the finishing and sewing capacities of the company.

The presentation of the new wholesale “Assortment Basket 2019-2020” was held in an impromptu warehouse and in the existing company store. Conceptual innovations, depth and quality of updating the assortment of brands of DM Textiles made the presentation a vivid event of the conference program.

On the picturesque shore of the Seversky Donets, the results of the last textile season 2018-2019 were summed up. The business discussion “Prospects for the development of the wholesale home textile market of the Russian Federation 2019-2020” allowed the conference participants to share their vision and hear the views of the largest textile market players in different regions of our country.